Flint does indeed happen, and apparently Flint happened at Cedar Point early this past Sunday morning, like 3:15am early. Do you think alcohol could have been a factor? I wonder if any one took a picture of the brawl and put it in one of those little Cedar Point key chains?

16 employees total were arrested after a fight broke out in the employee recreation area. 13 were from Michigan, and the other 3 peeps were from Ohio. 7 of the Michigander's were from Flint. All were charged with aggravated rioting and disorderly conduct, and one person was charged with assaulting a police officer.

Recognize any names?

• Lawanda Harris, 21, of Detroit
• James Ewing, 21, of Detroit
• Marquise Nicholson, 19, of Detroit
• Dajon Williams, 19, of Roseville
• Jarrett Stennis, 22, of Southfield
• Joshua Brown, 32, of Ypsilanti
• Lavon Epps, 19, of Flint
• DeShaun Harris, 20, of Flint
• Brandon Williams, 21, of Flint
• Kyreese Whitacker, 21, of Flint
• Sterling Jenkins, 24, of Flint
• Rick Miles, 23, of Flint
• Ja’Quan Pittman, 22, of Flint
• Cashia Moyer, 19, of Youngstown, Ohio
• Galen Hobdy, 20, of Canton, Ohio
• Curtis Prentice, 23, of Canton, Ohio

I guess you can take the people out of Flint, but you can't take Flint out of the people. Yep, Flint happens. I am guessing there may be some job openings at Cedar Point. Chris Monroe should apply, he is the product of circus people.