One family's sacred traditions are almost ruined by the harsh responsibilities of the real world in the best holiday movie we've ever seen -- 'The Spirit of 4/20.'

Every so often a film comes along that connects with us on an emotional level, lifting the human spirit in the way that only great storytelling can. This inspirational tale of holiday spirit finds a family ready to celebrate 4/20 like every family in America does -- by getting really, really high, watching movies and playing 'Mario Kart.' But young Hunter is devastated when he realizes his father's demanding job may cause him to miss out on spending yet another 4/20 with his family. Will he make it in time for the ceremonial loading of the bong?

Call Grandma, Grandpa and all your loved ones, pack up the bowl, and gather round to enjoy the new holiday classic -- 'The Spirit of 4/20.'

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