A 39-year old grounds worker at a Wisconsin cemetery stands accused of taking an expensive Fender Telecaster from the coffin of a man who wished to be buried with it.

Wisconsin's Fox affiliate WLUK-TV reports that 39-year old Steven Conard, a grounds worker at Allouez Catholic Cemetery, was arrested Sunday and is charged with felony "theft from person or corpse".

67-year old veteran Randall Jourdan died last week and asked that he be buried with his $2000 Custom Fender Telecaster. After Conard saw the guitar in question, he reportedly said to co-workers:

"That's a Telly, a really expensive guitar. I have to have that guitar. It's too expensive to be in a crypt."

After the cream colored guitar was spotted in the man's living room, Conrad was taken into custody. During questioning the 18-year cemetery worker told police:

"This isn't something I normally do; I just have a respect for fine musical instruments."

Conard was released on bail and is facing $25,000 in fines and up to 10 years in prison. Makes you wonder what else he has taken over the past 18 years.