Everyone who has ever bought a Nickelback shirt, album or concert ticket has helped to make Avril Lavigne a very happy Sk8er Gurl.

How do you say "Happy first anniversary! I love you, babe" in Canadian? Well, you add an "eh" to the end of it and -- if you're crazy rich like C-Kroegs --  you hand over a 17-carat diamond ring. That's right, Nickelback fans. The money you've spent to support the band all these years is now helping Avril Lavigne's ring finger get totally ripped in addition to the usual way it's spent -- maintaining Chad Kroeger's beautiful and lustrous man-locks. Seriously, look at that hair... but not for too long. You might get lost in its hypnotic sexiness.

The couple tweeted an anniversary pic, where Lavigne flashed the gigantic rock to all of her followers... but she must have seen some backlash because it has been deleted. Luckily, we grabbed a screenshot for you before that happened. Kroeger previously gifted Lavigne with a 14-carat engagement ring, so if you're keeping score -- that's 31-carats.

It is also reported that this was the first time a Canadian wedding anniversary was not celebrated by the couple splitting a case of Molson.

@AvrilLavigne via Twitter