If you think your girl may be hiding something you may be right.  Another boyfriend?  How much she spends?

Not according to a new product called  Ch’Armed.   According to this product it’s arm fat.

Yep, the cat is out of the bag.  Women are hiding arm fat.   How sexy is this?  You get a girl in your bedroom and she takes off her shirt for you to see what basically is an arm suction to keep fat from jiggling.

I am all for hiding a little here and there, but seriously if you need a girdle for your arms it is time to PUT DOWN THE DONUT.

It is tough to eat well during the holidays but do you really want to start 2011 in an arm suction?  I am probably a little touchy to the subject since I am trying to be healthier.  But it is good to know that the Home Shopping Network has a quick fix for me if things don’t pan out.

So guys instead of a shaking a girls hand when you first meet you may want to check her arms and see if they are wrapped in spandex.  If so, just think what else she may be hiding.  A belly full of jelly?  Maybe.