We are one week away from the start of the Banana Bad Bowlers League -- Season 2.  For those of you that have already signed up, check out the official rules.  For those of you that haven't signed up, get all the details after the jump.

As you can tell, we aren't too strict in this league:

  • Leave the overly competitive obnoxious playbook at the door and just have fun.
  • The Bad Bowlers League is all about enjoying a fun night with the “Banana Family” (airstaff and listeners included) so don’t be that dick that ruins the night over something stupid.
  • NUDITY – Yep, let’s hope for some!
  • Maggie loves shots of straight whiskey or bourbon.  (Not really a rule, just throwing it out there)
  • Left-handed bowlers are not real people…much like gingers and Maggie that have no souls.  (Sorry, LaBrie…it’s true)
  • If there is a discrepancy in the rules of the game, please take the following actions:
    • Re-read rule #1
    • Have another drink
    • Do not come to the Banana Crew for help because:
      1. We don’t know and/or play by the rules
      2. We have beer and are playing with our balls and thus will be unable to focus on said discrepancy.
    • Repeat steps a. and b. until the problem is resolved
  • Dress Code:
    • Ladies: “I will not watch her bowl in that skimpy bikini!” –said NO ONE EVER
    • Guys:  It’s fall and starting to get colder…Eskimo suits are recommended.
  • A note to the single ladies, if you find yourself drunk and in need of a friend always remember…the Banana interns make excellent “bad decisions.”

Bad Bowlers League Drinking Game:

What’s a good night of bowling without a drinking game to get you in the mood.  So here are just a few examples on how to up the alcohol intake

  • Every time you stand up or sit down = drink a swig of your beer
  • Every time you hear a “Chrissy Monroe” joke = drink 2 swigs of beer
  • Every time your team wins = take a shot
  • Every time Maggie gets a strike = play the lotto

***Be sure to designate a driver or call a cab before the end of the first game because you’re going to be hammered***

Want to join in on the fun?  Sign up here.