Chevelle has had some worthy opponents in their short run on The Cockfight, they are up against some incredibly tough competition tonight as well. Evans Blue return with the killer first single 'This Time it's Different' from their upcoming fourth record. Strap in folks, it's about to be one hell of a Cockfight.

  • 'Face to the Floor'


    Chevelle will be in Detroit with Filter and Bush on Thursday, but that doesn't get them a free pass in The Cockfight. 'Face to the Floor' is definitely a good track, but they'll have to earn their win tonight against a band beloved by Flint-town. Chevelle's new album is sounding like the return to the band's early days that fans have been asking for, we will find out how the rest of the album shakes out December 6th.

  • 'This Time it's Different'

    Evans Blue

    Evans Blue present their first offering from their second album with vocalist Dan Chandler. 'This Time it's Different' showcases a more expansive sound than we're accustomed to from EB, and is creating a solid buzz amongst their fanbase. This will be an interesting battle between two kick ass songs from upcoming still-untitled records (Evans Blue's is expected early next year).