Cancer is pretty much the worst thing ever.  Everybody has been touched by it, directly or indirectly, and while there have been significant advancements in the treatment and prevention of the disease, there is still no cure.  Chinese researchers may be a step closer, read the details here.

John Moore/Getty Images

I'm not trying to create false hope for anyone that is battling cancer, but promising research is coming out of China when it comes to beating the disease.  A rare plant known as the 'thunder god vine' has shown great promise in battling tumors for good.  Chinese researchers have been testing the plant for decades and now American studies are backing up their findings.

Compounds of the Chinese plant were given to mice with pancreatic cancer and after 40 days of treatment, tumors had literally disappeared.  Studies from The University of Minnesota showed that even after discontinuing treatment, the mice remained cancer free.  Scientists working on the project were stunned by the cancer fighting abilities of the compound.  The study leader was quoted, “This drug is just unbelievably potent in killing tumor cells."

There is still considerable amounts of research to be done on the drug and will likely take years before it is used on the market, but the research is promising and hopefully is the first step to living in a cancer free world.  Rumors of big pharmaceutical companies suppressing the results from being used have come up, to reinforce their billions in profits.  Also, parts of the 'god thunder vine' are dangerously toxic and must be used properly to avoid dangerous side effects.