Chris Cornell used some harsh terms when voicing his displeasure with Kanye West after the rapper's tardy soundcheck interrupted Soundgarden's performance at Australia's Big Day Out Festival.

Kanye West is no strangers to making waves. Whether it's interrupting Taylor Swift during an acceptance speech or stating former President Bush's disregard for black people on national television -- he has proven time and time again that Kanye will be Kanye.

The hip hop mega-star's latest criticism came after he showed up for Saturday's Big Day Out Festival 45 minutes late and his soundcheck interrupted Soundgarden's performance on a neighboring stage. According to,  Soundgarden's audience began booing at the disruption but they weren't the only ones upset. Singer Chris Cornell quickly said to the crowd "Sounds like there’s children playing music there, retarded children, retarded as in held back. There’s no other word for it.”

The comment will no doubt bring some heat to Cornell for insensitivity to the mentally challenged community, even though he may have been trying to use "retarded" as sort of a comical homonym -- the term can also mean 'to be delayed.'

We're thinking either Kanye was pissed about Cornell's "hip hop" album 'Scream' or that he just hates 90's rock giants from Seattle. He previously took issue with Pearl Jam after being skewered for appearing late at 2008's Bonnaroo Festival. West didn't make his way to the stage until 4:30am and later blamed Pearl Jam for running an hour late prior to his set.