Soundgarden frontman Chris Cornell says that he doesn't know why it took them so long to reunite and that despite their 12-year break from each other, it's feels like they never stopped.

Chris Cornell recently sat down with Rolling Stone about everything from his solo acoustic work to the forthcoming Soundgarden LP. Cornell seemed a bit baffled as to why the band took so much time apart from each other, saying:

"I feel like Soundgarden can continue...and probably should have always had the attitude of being a formed functioning band that just needed a break. With Soundgarden my feeling always was that as long as it was a unanimous decision and everyone was really into it that it was always possible that we could get back together. And for a long time I just didn't see that as being a probability.That's also without having that conversation with anyone in the was literally a matter of us getting in a room and seeing from each other we were all really enthusiastic about it...We weren't a band of people that hated each other."

Chris also gave an update on the album that will be Soundgarden's sixth and their first in almost 16 years:

"We have a new album. It's mostly done, it should be out in spring of 2012. Really it felt like we haven't really missed a beat...we just had kind of a long extended break...Musically I think the personality of the record -- it's very warm to me and adventurous like all our albums are were. It doesn't sound like a throwback to any previous period and were definitely approaching songs in different ways than we've done...but we always did that from album to album so it feels like the genuine next step to me. It doesn't feel nostalgic, it feels forward."