Well I must be doing something right.  Today while going through messages on the Banana Facebook page, I stumbled across this message from a listener.  While most people would take this to heart and be sad, I welcome such emails. 

So here is what he had to say about me:


Before we get started...

*Chris Monroe, *Free Beer's, * Eric Zane, *Blows, *Joe, *really, *DJ, *Maggie Meadows, *Chris, *really

Just wanted to help you out a little so you don't look as stupid.  Now allow me to retort.  I'm not sure how Free Beer, Eric Zane, and Joe were brought into this.  Fantasy of yours perhaps?  Seems like a pretty detailed thought process there.  Next, I'm sorry to hear that you hate me for no real reason.  Fortunately for me, I have zero f***s to give about that and no sleep will be lost.

He sucks as a D.J.


As for my poor taste in music, please tell me what I should like.  Seeing as how we have never discussed my music tastes, I am interested to know what will be on my iPod next.  We do agree on one thing though, Maggie Meadows is awesome!  I think she needs to come back from vacation too.  It's sad that she won't be able to give us her two cents on this.

Now to the best part, "I want to punch Chris Monroe in the face."  Why so angry?  I understand that being a Facebook Tough Guy means you have to assert your masculinity, and I hope that works out for you.  It really sounds like you mean business, I'm surprised it wasn't written in all caps.  Then again, I'm willing to bet grammar and writing are not your strong points.

As for playing requests and the music l like, feel free to keep track of what songs Maggie, Tony, and I play.  You might be surprised by the results.  With requests, might I suggest that you familiarize yourself with the "All Request Electric Lunch" and the "High Five at Five."  I'll be on for Maggie the rest of the week and on for Tony next week.  The request line is 810-239-1015.

Thank you for the message, man.  Now we can all share a laugh and move on with life.

P.S. - Thanks for listening!