Some people are crying foul over an image that was featured on the electronic billboard in front of Deja Vu on Dort Highway in Flint, due to the fact that it was sexually suggestive but featured no nudity.

The big story the last couple of days has been the image on the electronic sign outside the Vu. We've received a number of calls from outraged citizens, similar to the one you can hear in the audio clip above.

The image in question was promoting Trinity Turner's performances at the club last weekend. At a glance, the image appears to feature some sexual content, but upon closer investigation, it is abundantly clear that there is no full-frontal nudity whatsoever. While alarming, Deja Vu's choice to put an image completely devoid of full-frontal nudity on their billboard is well within their rights according to legal experts.

The community has reacted in a number of ways, some have even gone as far as avoiding that stretch of Dort Highway until the image is replaced with one that is more graphic in nature. Others merely yell things like "Skin to win" or "You can't censor these" while displaying some of their naughty bits as they drive past in their vehicles.

Surrounding businesses are scrambling to overcompensate the public with what they want since the controversial sign that has drawn attention away from their establishments. A few nearby restaurants have even resorted to featuring menu items with names that are sexually suggestive like "Extra Cumin Tacos," "Spaghetti and My Balls," and All-You-Can-Eat "Fish and Cl--s" on Fridays.

The image was removed from the billboard earlier this week.

Note: Most of this story was what I like to call "factually dyslexic" and was written for entertainment purposes only. However, the controversial image has actually been removed from the sign and the owners have apologized.