Clio resident Angela Gooch, lost her newborn twins in 2007.  The twins passed shortly after birth and Gooch kept the urns containing their ashes in her home.

Tragically the urns were taken by thieves 3 weeks ago.  Gooch is guessing that the robbers thought the urns were possibly jewelry boxes.  Obviously these urns are priceless to Angela.  During in interview with  WEYI, she said quote:

'It's one thing to be burglarized, but when it's something so personal to you that gets stolen that you may never get back, that's a totally different feeling. It's been very hard. I haven't been sleeping too well at all and I just would like them back.'

Gooch is asking that the people responsible return the urns, no questions asked. If you have any information, please contact  police at (810) 670-3401.