Authorities and the staff at White Pine Middle School are investigating the recent threat involving another clown. 

"Casey The Clown" is the name associated with the threat that said "I am coming to school tomorrow, be prepared" and included a list of student and teacher names. The threat was made via social media, and according to ABC 12, police have talked to the student who sent the message.

This clown situation is affecting several Michigan counties. Just the other day, a 7-year-old child was injured in Sterling Heights by a person dressed as a clown with a butter knife. The Detroit Free Press has reported shots fired after a clown robbery in Livonia. The Imlay City Police Department has put out a statement on their Facebook page to let everyone know that they are not playing around with the clowns, and even listed laws that one could be found guilty of breaking by participating in this new craze. Be careful out there. All of this clowning around could get you locked down, or shot to the ground.

Imlay City Police Department Facebook