While progressive alt-rock outfit Coheed and Cambria finish out the remaining dates of their tour, their bass player will face armed robbery and drug charges for his hold up of a Walgreens before the band show on Sunday night.

Coheed bassist Michael Todd is accused of committing one of the most unbelievable crimes of the year; not so much because of the crime, but because of who he is. You would think living in the world of rock and roll would make access to narcotics easy enough that you wouldn't have to rob a Walgreens to get your fix. Todd reportedly showed a cell phone note to the store's pharmacist that claimed he had a bomb, moments later he was fleeing the scene in a taxi with six bottles of Oxycontin. Police tracked Todd to the venue of Coheed and Cambria's opening slot for Soundgarden that night, and placed him him under arrest.

According to the Attleboro Sun Times Todd went in front of a Massachusetts judge Monday afternoon and was arraigned on armed robbery and drug charges, he had already confessed to the crimes when confronted with the video surveillance footage. After reviewing Todd's record, which had a previous drug and reckless driving charges, the Judge raised his bail from $10,000 to $25,000. The seriousness of the crime and the musician's out of state addresses also played a factor in the increase, the Assistant District Attorney requested it be hiked to $100,000. Michael Todd will return to court on August 9th for further proceedings in the matter.