There are a lot of things to be said about marijuana and the pros and cons of it.  And while I'm not encouraging anyone to do drugs, I am encouraging everyone to use facts.  Check out what morbidly obese comedian Ralphie May claims about his pot habit.

First of all, Ralphie May is a crappy comedian.  I can't stand when comedians rely on one thing to be funny.  If your jokes are about what you are, you probably aren't that good.  Fatties, women, minorities, they all need to stop telling jokes about how they aren't like me.


But worse than being unfunny is being an uninformed liar.  Chubby May recently had some serious health issues and blames the chron for complicating it.  He claims to be a 20 year smoker who had a 4 ounce a week habit.  He was quoted saying

"Yes, you are all right… I am ****ing really fat. I have a very low metabolism and the estrogen in marijuana made it worse."


According to the NORML website, pure THC has shown "estrogenic effects" on rat cells in a petri dish.  But no evidence was found in live subjects or chronic chronic smokers.  Fatty May talked with TMZ, who reported


Last Comic Standing” finalist and outspoken weed advocate Ralphie May is finally calling it quits on the sticky icky — telling TMZ, smoking marijuana nearly killed him last year … so he’s giving it up for good.

May tells us, he was diagnosed with walking pneumonia before taking a cruise last November — but the condition quickly got worse … and before long, he was holed up in the boat’s infirmary with a life-threatening lung infection.

May tells us, “If I hadn’t been a 20-year weed smoker, it wouldn’t have been as bad.”


I'm sure the fact that the dude is gotta be close to 400 pounds has nothing to do with his health.  And, smoking 4 ounces a week is overindulging to say the least.  Maybe if this dude practiced some self control he wouldn't be such a health disaster.