Every mother has their own opinions on what's best for their baby, but not many are as misguided and ignorant as Megan Christopherson's. She recently took her 4-month-old baby in "the pit" at a concert and then argued with police when they told her she was endangering her child's hearing and safety.

I don't know what's more shocking about this story, the fact that this woman is oblivious to the danger she is putting her 4-month old daughter in -- at one point she actually asks the Chula Vista police officer she's talking to for "proof that [being close to the stage and speakers] is going to hurt [the baby's] eardrums" -- or that she recorded the interaction herself and posted it to YouTube claiming to be a victim.

A lot of the coverage on this back her claims that she was a "victim" and that she was ejected from the concert for breastfeeding, which clearly is not the case. In fact, the officers were very patient with her and offered to get her another seat that would not put her child in danger of physical harm from loud music or being crushed. She chose to be leave and get a refund because, clearly, you can't bargain or reason with stupidity.

If it weren't so devastatingly sad that this woman is allowed to be in charge of the safety of an innocent child, this story would be hilarious. Her naivety and ignorance are off the charts. Like when she claims it's okay because she did it a few weeks earlier and was not ejected... because we all know if you don't get caught doing something wrong the first time, you can never be punished for repeat offenses if caught.

Another laughable moment comes when she says she could fall down anywhere in the concert venue and crush the baby and asks if that would be child endangerment. Technically, no. And yes, you could fall and crush your baby anywhere, but, as the officer explains, the chances of that are much greater in the pit (even if it is just a Brad Paisley concert). Think about it this way -- if you're walking with your child on the sidewalk, you would likely not be charged with child endangerment if you were to fall and crush your child. Now if you were walking down the middle of the expressway with your child... different story.

Here's an idea, what if you don't take a baby to a concert at all? Get a babysitter like a normal person would. Concerts, regardless of seating choice, are not for babies. I am clearly not a fan of the "age limit on concerts" idea that comes up from time to time, but I probably would be if we were talking 2 and under. Even at that age, there should be no children in the pit at a concert that is largely for adults. Kids concerts, like The Wiggles for example, have seats on the floor and know their audience is children. They don't "crank it to 11" and let 'er rip.