So, I'm not exactly sure why these officers are on this school bus to begin with, but I think they might be in a bit of trouble for the way this situation panned out in the end. It looks like they started out the right way, they tried to get this kid off the bus under his own power, but then things escalate quickly and this kid ends up with a broken arm.

Warning: You do hear this kids arm pop when it breaks which may gross some people out. Also the pain he felt caused to him to shout a few choice words that are NSFW. So what do you think? Did the kid get his chance and therefore it's not the cops fault he ended up with a broke arm? or did these cop's completely eff-up on this one?

Update: The incident took place in October of 2013 in Rotterdam, NY. Rotterdam Police are now being sued for $1 million by the family of Jacob Gocheski (the 16-year old in the video) and say he has been diagnosed with multiple emotional disorders including Tourette Syndrome, anxiety disorder and bi-polar disorder.

The Blame Game

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