Three Houston, TX police officers are under investigation after allegedly eating evidence. The evidence in question, pot brownies. Destruction of evidence is a felony and the idea of them driving around under the influence of drugs is not sitting well with many, including the cat they arrested, 19 year old Nicholas Hill.

Someone called the police with a complaint about smelling drugs in Hill's apartment. According to KTRK, after searching the apartment, they allegedly found pot and brownies. Hill claims the officer said, "Let me guess what's in this", referring to the brownies. They were indeed pot brownies and the officer's ate them anyway.

After Hill was arrested, the cops began to "talk" to each other through their in car computers. All messages typed in a police vehicle in Houston are saved. The messages included:

"So HIGH...Good munchies"

The other writes back, "Everything should be open when we get done."

First officer: "Two hours, max."

"Probably, but this will take the whole shift."

Obviously Hill has retained lawyers and they are not taking this ordeal lightly.

Check out the video for direct accounts from Nicholas Hill himself.