When he's not busy ripping on Nickelback, Rick Rubin, and Scott Weiland during his solo tour, Corey Taylor has been hard at work on new material from one of his bands -- find out who after the jump.

Speaking with Fasterlouder.com, Corey Taylor opened up about the status of new albums from both of his bands -- Slipknot and Stone Sour. After admitting that talking about the passing of his friend and Slipknot bassist Paul Gray is helping him deal with the loss, Taylor said that he's hesitant to rush back into the recording process with Slipknot:

"You know, I’m not even thinking about writing another [Slipknot] album right now. I’m just not there yet you know. But I mean, we’re going to put together a really good set, but right now, it just makes more sense to trample together with the band, and not run into a studio, and do things for the wrong reasons, let’s put it that way."

Stone Sour has been at work on a new project that Taylor previously said may become a double-disc concept album. The singer shed a little more light on the shape that their latest endeavor has been taking:

"I’ve been writing almost non-stop. The idea that I have is very grand, and if we do it right, it will probably be the biggest thing of our careers. There are influences from stuff like Alice in Chains, old school thrash like Anthrax and Megadeth, with some really cool acoustic passages.It’s going to hit on every cylinder and packed into the biggest engine ever, let’s put it that way. It’s a pretty serious story that I’m trying to weave in and out of all these riffs and stuff, so it’s really exciting.

It’s basically the story of a man who’s trying to figure it out. He can’t figure out if he’s happier when he’s miserable, or if he’s miserable about not being happy. It’s almost like a mid-life crisis in a way. He’s young enough that he knows that there’s still alot of life to live, but he’s old enough to realize that he can’t be hung up on the romance of teenage depression and youthful aggression. Stuff like that. So he’s really standing at the crossroads of his life, trying to figure out where he wants to go. There are stories about the people around him, stories about his romantic life, and there’s really this internal struggle where he’s going to burn forever or figure it out. Let’s put it that way."

Stone Sour's next album will serve as the follow-up to their sophomore effort 'Audio Secrecy' and is expected sometime in 2012. While Slipknot have not started work on the follow-up to 'All Hope Is Gone,' it has been said that the central theme will have to do with their fallen bandmate. The Knot is also planning a North American for the summer of 2012.