Last week Tony LaBrie had a chance to speak with probably the hardest working musician in rock; Corey Taylor. In addition to recently adding author to his list of job titles, the Slipknot and Stone Sour vocalist unveiled he is nowhere near taking a much deserved vacation. Taylor told us about his new book, solo album, and a couple of projects that are already in the works from Stone Sour.

Everyone on the planet has been hounding Corey Taylor about the potential future of Slipknot. The tour the band just wrapped was said to be the deciding factor as to how much further the members would continue with each other in the band. While things did go well, Corey Taylor has said multiple time that he is still undecided as far as an album with the band is concerned.

Instead hounding the multi-talented frontman about the possibility of new material from Slipknot, Tony LaBrie dove into what projects he is actually working on currently; a topic which has been surprisingly overlooked in the news as of late. After talking about his new book 'Seven Deadly Sins - Settling The Argument Between Born Bad And Damaged Good', which is available everywhere now, Corey spilled some details on the just announced Stone Sour live DVD:

"We're definitely trying to put that together and we're actually trying to make it a really cool...kind of double set with a live DVD that was shot in Brighton in England...coupled with a covers EP that were threatening to do., so look for more info on that in the next couple of months"

Toward the beginning of 2010, it was said that Corey planning a solo album in addition to the (at the time) upcoming Stone Sour album 'Audio Secrecy'. After the passing of Slipknot bassist and Taylor's longtime friend Paul Gray, a lengthy Stone Sour tour, and rumors he was taking over vocal duties for Velvet Revolver; talks of the Corey Taylor solo project were swept under the rug. Corey gave us an update on the status of that project as well:

"It's way on the back burner...I'm just not there yet. The great thing about a solo album is that it's yours to do,  you do it on your own time. When its time to do it; I'll do it. Until then I'm really more driven to do the music that I'm doing right now.

While the solo project may be off the itinerary for now, Corey revealed that there is another project he's excited about:

"I can tell you that were definitely starting to put some work in to another Stone Sour album. This one will be a little bit of everything, pretty dark... it's something I hope we get to work on in the next six months."

Corey is currently out on a signing tour for his book 'Seven Deadly Sins - Settling The Argument Between Born Bad And Damaged Good', after which he will actually have some downtime before his one-off gig with Slipknot for Rock in Rio in late September.Though it has been said Slipknot is talking about doing more tour dates, nothing has been confirmed as of yet.

Listen to the full interview here