Corey Taylor has already dropped several details about Stone Sour's ongoing creative process and is now saying they're "creating an album that no one wants us to make."

It almost seems as if every week we're getting another update from Corey Taylor on the upcoming fourth record from Stone Sour. Last we heard him say they had written 13 songs for the album that, thus far, sounds like Pink Floyd's ‘The Wall’ meets Alice in Chains' ‘Dirt’ "on steroids." Taylor offered a more detailed progress report when he recently spoke with Artist Direct:

"We’ve already got 14 tunes done, and we’re looking to get another 15 ready to go. The stuff we have right now is nuclear. It’s pretty much going to go all the way. It’s dark as s---. There’s so much balls-out rock on it as well as some good headpunchers and some really cool dark pieces. I’m really excited about it."

The Stone Sour frontman explained the methodology behind making such an ambitious and unexpected turn on their fourth studio album:

“I am looking forward to basically becoming a mad scientist in the studio and creating an album that no one wants us to make. I pretty much got permission to do whatever I wanted, which means that I’m essentially going against the grain in an age where people are f---ing trying to simply put out singles. We’re looking to do a double concept album and really make it destructive.”

The band is likely to begin recording the album in Iowa with producer David Botrill -- who has also worked with Tool and Muse -- once the writing process is completed.