Even an arrest can't cool down this hot couple.  A woman was giving her boyfriend a BJ in the back of a cop car after the two were arrested on drug charges.  Hey, at least it kept the woman quiet during the car ride.

The New York Daily News is reporting that while on the way to the police station, the officer noticed Tina Marie Arie and Keith Windham moving around in the back seat.  After another glance in the rear view mirror, he realized he could not see Tina's head.  One guess as to where it was?  Yep, in the lap of Keith.  Even though the pair were handcuffed, she managed to unzip his pants and go to work on him.  Obviously accomplishing both acts with her mouth.  The officer pulled the car over and ordered her to stop.

Hey, maybe this was just a misunderstanding?  Suppose the arresting officer said "It's time to HEAD to the station?".  Tina may have heard, "Give him h*** on the way to the station".  Easy mistake.