This is quite a pair we have here.  A Pennsylvania couple is accused of lighting tampons on fire and attempting to set a car on fire.

Patricia Deshong, 25, and Quentin Deshong, 22, were arrested outside of a bar. In case you did not guess it, they were under the influence of alcohol.  When police arrived on the scene they found a trashed vehicle with blood on one of the seats. Gross, hope it wasn't from a tampon!

The Daily Mail reports that Patricia, the female in the dynamic dumb duo, even threatened to kill an arresting officer.  Damn, you know that girl must of been on her period!  The pair are being charged with attempted arson, a couple felonies and public drunkenness.

The story gets even more bizarre because the owner of the vehicle fled the scene, but whoever she left with was arrested for drunk driving.  Sounds like some classy folks!