Straight out of a porn, a couple are seen in downtown Darwin, Australia having sex on their balcony. This is taking the term 'public display of affection' a bit too far. The couple was being watched by city workers, passer-bys and possibly even their parents watched.

Northern Territory News reported that sometime on Wednesday the couple could be seen sipping champagne and smoking cigarettes before doing the dirty. NT News has a video of the lewd act, but they decided to cut out the best parts.

A nearby office worker said this isn't the first time this happened: "It's the first time I've seen it but a few of the other ladies said they have seen it before," she said, but they weren't sure if it was the same couple.

The whole office joined in to watch the show and some even wondered if the lady was a prostitute, "we were thinking she was paid to go there, or maybe it was set up," she said. "I reckon she knew we were watching them."

It's not everyday you get to sit back while sipping your coffee and working on your latest report for corporate and enjoy the latest porn from Vivid Video. Touche Australia, touche!