Craft beer is quickly moving up the ranks alongside marijuana in becoming one of Michigan’s leading cash crops, as small brewers all across the state are savagely competing to meet connoisseur demand.

With more than 100 independent brewers on a mission to get everyone in the state experiencing the buzz of their brand, Michigan has become the fifth leading state in the nation for having the most craft breweries – stimulating the local economy to the tune of $133 million.

Last year alone, nearly 20 independent beer-makers opened their doors across Michigan; some of them, like Founders Brewing Co, now lead the state in the crafty business of independent brewing. And because of the high rate of their success, many area brewers are now in the midst of investing millions of dollars into expansion projects – all good news and brews for Michigan.

Paul Gatza, director of the Colorado-based Brewers Association says that Michigan has been building momentum on the craft brewing scene ever since the state crossed the 100 brewery mark. "That kind of proved Michigan was clearly on the map," he said. "It's a leadership state for that part of the country."

There are currently over 120 craft breweries operating in the state of Michigan, according to the Michigan Brewers Guide. Some of which include, Devil Dancer from Grand Rapids, Midnight Star in Kalamazoo, Spinal Tapper in Traverse City, and Redwood Brewing in Flint.

While we are busy trying to figure out how we can have one of each during our lunch break, we are drunk with curiosity - which Michigan craft brew is your favorite?