Cuba Gooding Jr. is at the club, partying like the real O.J. Simpson circa 1991, and trying to swallow some rando's phone all in one video. 

Cuba must be a method actor, because this video looks a lot like the club scene from a recent episode of 'The People V. O.J. Simpson.' He's even wearing a shirt on his head like he's the Great Cornholio, which is super 90s. The only real way you can tell the difference is the music, and the size of the phone. Hell, Mia Khalifa couldn't even fit an early 90s cell in her mouth.

Either way, Cuba appears to be having a really good time at a Miami nightclub. After spotting a man filming him, Juice Gooding Jr. grabs his phone, and proceeds to stuff the stranger's presumably germ-infested device into his mouth. Unfortunately, regardless of how much alcohol is in your system -- it won't be enough to sterilize the germs on that strange cell phone you just tried to deep throat. #TheMoreYouKnow