Doctors in Berlin believe they may have cured one American of both Leukemia and HIV.

Check out this article from The Sydney Morning  Herald:

"In 2007, a 44-year-old American, Timothy Brown, who had both HIV and leukaemia, was set to undergo stem cell therapy in Berlin to fight his leukaemia. But Dr Gero Huetter and colleagues at the Charite-University Medicine Berlin decided to perform a stem-cell transplant that also might help against his HIV.

They used stem cells from a donor who was naturally resistant to the virus.

Mr Brown stopped taking the antiretroviral drugs that had kept his HIV in check. In February last year the doctors reported in The New England Journal of Medicine that Brown's HIV had not rebounded in the first 20 months after the transplant.

Still, some doctors suspected the HIV virus was hiding in his body. But this week in the journal Blood, the doctors reported that Mr Brown's cell counts remain normal."

This is pretty amazing if it's true, seems like doctors haven't found a "cure" for anything since polio. Maybe I'm confused but I thought they already said this about Magic Johnson (minus the leukemia). This is definitely great news but don't throw out your condoms just yet. Since this involves stem cells it will probably be some time before we hear anymore findings.

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