When I was a kid I always had chores. From washing dishes to vacuuming even lawn work, that is just how it was.  My sisters and I did it, no arguments. The only motivation we needed was just being told to do it. That is not the case for one 18 year old in California. The teens father allegedly confronted him about his laziness with a four foot blade.

NBC Los Angeles reports that Antonio Gutierrez was tired of his lazy son John.  He must of been beyond tired of it because he did attempt to push his son with the sword.  The teen suffered lacerations to his hands.  How the hell can he do chores if his hands are injured?

All kidding aside, if the kid is 18 and living at home he should be helping out.  Mr. Gutierrez was taken into custody and I am willing to bet the teen has not done a damn thing around the house yet.