After much pre-show negotiation, an under-the-weather Glenn Danzig agreed to fulfill his spot as headliner at Austin, Texas' Fun Fun Fun Festival. The former Misfits frontman went on an hour late and encouraged fans to raise hell when his set was shut down in accordance with the city's curfew.

Glenn Danzig channeled his inner Axl Rose over the weekend by proving to be extremely difficult during the three day Fun Fun Fun Fest in Austin, Texas. His current band Danzig Legacy was set to headline the Black Stage on Friday Night -- the same stage headlined by Slayer later in the weekend.

As Rolling Stone reported, the complications began early Friday upon Danzig's arrival in Austin. The vocalist said it was too cold, he had a cough, and would not be performing later. After declaring his illness, Danzig made some demands of the promoters which included French onion soup, a Wendy's chicken sandwich, and vitamins. Negotiations between promoters continued and eventually it was agreed that Danzig would go on at 8:15PM as planned provided that there was an on site doctor and stage heaters were produced.

When the clock struck 8:15PM, the black stage was still empty. Danzig refused to go on saying the stage did not meet his requirements (though it had been previously approved by both him and his crew), and also cited the weather and his "deathbug" -- as he referred to his illness.

Around 9PM Danzig Legacy took the stage, and performed a high energy set despite Glenn Danzig's declaration to the crowd that he was, "F---ing frezzing." The festival had to have all acts off the stages by 10PM due to a city ordinance, and since Danzig went on late -- his set would be cut by 45 minutes.

The promoters were forced to pull the plug on Danzig Legacy and shut down their equipment at 10PM, a clearly upset Danzig then tried to whip the crowd into a frenzy. Fortunately the good people of Austin knew better and after some vocal displays of disappointment, the crowd dissipated.

Check out the end of Danzig's set (where he makes it clear that he knows they have to be off the stage) and the aftermath of the plug being pulled in the videos below.