Most of my friends agree that dating isn't always easy, but it’s a necessary evil if you want to get out there and meet your match, right? As it turns out, some experts are saying that guys and girls should follow the same dating tips to meet their perfect partner.

“The most solid dating tips for men are essentially the exact same advice someone would give a woman,” said Carlos Xuma, who is an expert of sorts on dating and runs the website Attract Women.

“Of course, there are some subtle differences that come into play when you look at primal, biological responses to certain behaviors, but at its core the same set of dating tips for men could be flipped around and shared with women.”

Above all, Xuma says the sexiest thing in a guy or gal out there is confidence. Ooh la la!

“It doesn’t matter if it is a man or woman - a healthy dose of self-esteem makes anyone more attractive,” Xuma said in a release. “A guy may not be the best looking guy in the room, or the most successful, or even the most outgoing, but if he has the most confidence with women, he will ultimately succeed in attracting the most, or the highest quality, women there.”

Xuma also says it’s important for guys and gals to offer up “the very best of themselves” in a dating situation.

“The first and often most important step a guy or gal should take in entering the dating world is making sure he or she is offering up the very best of themselves,” Xuma said. “Sometimes this type of groundwork makes the difference between a very busy social life and sitting at home in front of the TV every night.”

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