Dave Grohl subbed in for Chelsea Handler on E!'s 'Chelsea Lately' last night and revealed his recent make-out session with Kid Rock's mom during an interview with Ray Romano.

Foo Fighters and 'Chelsea Lately' fans alike pleasantly surprised when Dave Grohl took over as host on the late night talk show last night (12/6), and even more so when he revealed his unusual encounter with Kid Rock's mother.

During his interview with 'Parenthood' actor Ray Romano, Kid Rock was somehow brought into the conversation. Ironically, Romano had just ran into Kid Rock, who showed him a picture of Momma Rock full on making out with Dave Grohl. Dave explained that he was hanging out with Kid Rock when Kid's mother asked Dave to play along and help make her husband jealous. Before he knew it, he was "in her grips!"

Dave continued by saying Momma Rock was cute and revealed he joked with Kid via email that "she is a really good kisser." The irony thickened when Dave said his mother recently said she thought Kid Rock was really attractive. Either way, it's possible the two could someday be each others stepfathers. That would be the most awkward, yet simultaneously awesome, Thanksgiving ever!

Grohl was there to promote his upcoming film 'Sound City,' which is now slated to hit theaters and stores February 1st. For those concerned that his return to the drum kit for Queens of the Stone Age spells trouble for the now-on-hiatus Foo Fighters, don't worry. During his appearance last night he identified himself as a Foo Fighter at every chance, not once mentioning his involvement with QOTSA. He did, however, reveal in a recent interview with CBS Local that he won't be touring with Queens in support of their upcoming album.