The Deftones and their fans were devastated when bassist Chi Cheng went into a coma after a near-fatal car wreck in 2008. A ray of hope has emerged as he is now responsive to commands and can communicate with basic sounds.

Chi Cheng's story is a tragic tale of misfortune, the bassist was ejected from his vehicle during a 60mph collision and has been in a coma ever since. According to a report by Crave Online, Cheng is now able to lift his leg, respond to commands, and "vocalize using basic sounds." The news is definitely a good sign that he is on the road to recovery after spending the last three and a half years in an unconscious state.

Cheng's insurance was cut shortly after the accident and his recovery funding has been aided by the music community through benefit concerts and the creation of -- where fans can check on Chi's progress donate to his recovery fund.

Deftones were in the process of recording a new album titled 'Eros' at the time of Cheng's accident, which they then shelved and eventually drafted bassist Sergio Vega. They've since released 2009's 'Diamond Eyes' and are reportedly working on a new album for a 2012 release.