Delia Suicide is a 25-year-old SuicideGirl from Illinois. She lists both Batman AND Iron Man as her heroes, which creates an almost instantaneous debate: in real-life, who would win a battle between Batman and Iron Man? (Answer: the guy who gets to discuss comic book heroes with a hot SuicideGirl…Also, Batman. Always.)

Delia Suicide is also a big fan of the band Ludo, listing them seven times on her Top 10 favorite bands. (Confidential to Ludo: You may want to write a song about this girl.) Delia is into psychology, sociology, religions, learning, creating, reading, writing, sewing, getting tattooed and other fun stuff.

An avid reader and fan of such literary works as 'Animal Farm,' 'Everything is Illuminated' and 'The Bell Jar,' Delia proves that she has an appreciation for books even when they aren't illustrated by Frank Miller or Jack Kirby.

AGE: 25

LOCATION: Illinois

OCCUPATION: Factory girl

MAKES HER HAPPY: Not Dysthymia.

MAKES HER SAD: Dysthymia.

INTO: Psychology, sociology, religions, learning, creating, reading, writing, getting tattooed.

NOT INTO: Fake people, cunnilingus, pointless drama, substance abuse.

HOBBIES: Dancing, sewing, reading, writing.



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