HOLY F**K!!! Cursing on the air just seems to be a way of life for the folks at WDIV in Detroit. You'll remember a couple of months ago WDIV's Lauren Podell was bit by the F-bomb bug. Now it's veteran sportscaster Bernie Smilovitz's turn to drop one during their pre-game coverage of the NHL Winter Classic. From this video, it appears that the producer has no clue what he wants or needs Bernie and Mickey to do. So obviously frustrated and undoubtedly frozen, Bernie simply ask's him "C'mon, man, what do you want us to f***in' do?"

But Bernie wasn't the only one to get bit. Nope, Bernie had plenty of company during this years Winter Classic. The profanity parade actually started with former Red Wing goalie, Chris Osgood dropping an f-bomb after letting a goal through at Comerica Park during the second alumni game on Tuesday afternoon.

Then, to cap off this little cursing clambake Bernie's partner Mickey Redmond drops what sounds like an S-bomb during his rant about playing old time hockey in bad weather. However, what sounds like Sh**ty is actually "Shinny" which is a Canadian term for an informal or pick-up game of hockey. But, either way it still sounds funny, and it makes for a good ending to our story. Happy F***ing New Year, Flint!!!