When I heard that Drew Smyly left Sunday's game after only three innings for a blister, I thought the dude was a wuss.  Now that I've seen that blister, I really can't blame him.  Check out the grossness.

Jimmy "Smokes" Leyland said that the blister on Drew Smyly's left middle finger was the worst he had ever seen.  And after seeing this pic, I can't really argue with him.  Detroit Tigers' left-handed pitcher, Drew Smyly had to leave the game on Sunday because of how big and painful it was.  Smyly made it the third, when the blister really started bothering him,  he was quoted

It was getting real puffy and mushy. Every pitch, it was getting mushier and mushier. I could see it just start going down my finger. I tried to get through the inning as fast as I could.

Smyly expects to be back on the mound by this Saturday, as the Tigers take on the Colorado Rockies.

Source.com: MLive.com