I first found out about Citizen Zero last summer when they played our Loudwire Live festival with Theory Of A Deadman and Rob Zombie. The seed they planted in my brain has grown, and I'm delighted to share how awesome they are with you. 

Citizen Zero Facebook

The night before Loudwire Live, they stopped at the station for an interview and acoustic performance. I was excited because they were the first band I had ever interviewed on the air here at The Banana. Before the performance we chatted off the air, and I found out that the lead singer Josh had just gotten sick (I believe it was pneumonia actually) but was toughing it out, because this was a big show. They still nailed it! The next day at the festival, they opened the show and did an amazing job once again. As always though, I have to see a band a few times before I can decide if I truly think they're a great live band.

One of the next times I saw them live, before they played, I asked myself if I was excited or biased because they had become my friends.They played a benefit show for the Flint Water Crisis at The Machine Shop (along with another of SuperFandrea's favorite bands Tripp 'N' Dixie) and I wasn't working that night, so I got a chance to actually watch and focus on their show.  Well, after the show, I was convinced that they may have become my friends, but that's not the only reason I enjoy their performances.

'Come Away' is one of my favorite songs of theirs (so far, at least). My friend, and huge music fanatic, Anne McIntosh got some awesome footage of the song from one of their Machine Shop shows..

When I heard the news that they had been picked up by Wind-Up Records I was excited for them, but when we here at The Banana began playing their current radio single Go (Let Me Save You) I felt a feeling of pride and genuine happiness for the guys. They work hard, they're talented and now their hard work was paying off. It's always a good feeling to me to watch people grow.

Citizen Zero Facebook - Photo by Minty Pics

Citizen Zero's debut album 'State of Mind' is set to drop August 12th, and most of the month of August they'll be out on a headlining tour. They'll roll all over the country and make their debut at the Whiskey A Go Go in Los Angeles on the 26th. After their most recent show at The Machine Shop on Sunday with Blackstone Cherry, Tony LaBrie and I both agreed that they sounded absolutely fantastic. If they take that intensity with them on the road, I'm sure they will win over the ears of many!

Citizen Zero is Josh LeMay with his incredibly smooth vocals and guitar, Sammy Boller straight up shreds on lead guitar, John Dudley is an animal on the drums and Sam Collins expertly rounds out the whole sound on bass.

They also do a ridiculously awesome cover of Ted Nugent's Stranglehold that you need to hear like right now.

CZ, you guys are my pals, and I'm sending much love out with you on your journey.



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