Joey Chicago of Devour the Day gave us the scoop on his new band that rose from the ashes of Egypt Central and premiered their first single, 'Good Man,' in an exclusive interview with Tony LaBrie earlier -- hear both the song and interview here.

Fans of Egypt Central were blindsided last December when news broke that the band was no more, despite the success of their 2011 album 'White Rabbit.' Bassist Joey Chicago was tasked with the difficult job of breaking the news to EC fans, which he did in a lengthy letter posted to the band's Facebook page. He also made a promise to continue making music he could believe in -- with drummer Blake Allison -- under the name Devour the Day.

Fast forward to today, when Tony LaBrie spoke with Joey about a number of topics including what really went down with Egypt Central, who's in the new band and more. Chicago also debuted a track from their forthcoming debut album 'Time & Pressure.' The album drops May 7th, but you can hear the lead single 'Good Man' ahead of its March 29th release below, as well as Tony's full interview.

Devour the Day - 'Good Man'

Tony LaBrie talks to Joey Chicago Part 1

Part 2