Ok, "survival guide" might be a little too heavy. Either way, here is a list of stuff you'll want to know about Dirt Fest 2014 in addition to some general music festival tips that everyone should know about.

Hi, I'm Tree. I work for the Banana -- perhaps you've heard me on the Banana during the graveyard shift or on Sunday afternoons after you leave church (yeah right) -- and I am a well-seasoned music festival veteran. I also am privy to a bunch of awesome info about Dirt Fest 2014 that not everyone may be aware of, so I've decided to bring you up to speed real quick-like:

  • Wear Shoes (not sandals/flip flops) -- It's a music festival. You're going to be on your feet all day. Sandals suck for that.
  • Win stuff from the Banana -- We're going to have some chances for you to win stuff, so look for us on stage and by the Banana RV. We'll also be roaming the grounds giving out prizes like cash, shirts, CDs and other swag to brave souls who don't mind possibly making a fool of themselves on camera.
  • Stay hydrated -- Drink water fool! Even though the temps will be about perfect, you're still going to get dehydrated. Being outside all day can really beat you down, so down an H20 every hour or so and you'll be fine.
  • Re-Entry and what not -- Unlike just about every other music festival, you are allowed to leave and then come back. However, if you leave in your vehicle, you'll have to re-pay for parking. There are plenty of restaurants and stuff within walking distance though, so just be happy that re-entry is allowed.
  • #dirtfest -- You're going to have your smartphone. You're going to take pictures. You're going to post them to Facebook, Instagram and/or Twitter. Hashtag them with #dirtfest for your chance to win some free stuff from the Banana. Periodically, we'll find a hashtagger and hook them up with something cool.
  • Text "Dirt" to 89000 -- Stay up to speed with what's going on at Dirt Fest by opting into our text updates. Periodically throughout the day, you'll get a text giving you a heads up on an opportunity you may not have known about otherwise.
  • Check Banana1015.com on the reg -- Our website is mobile optimized and it looks awesome on smartphones. We're going to be posting a lot of band interviews, crowd videos and photos throughout the day for you to check out.
  • Don't forget the locals -- There are a bunch of kick ass bands from Michigan at Dirt Fest. Hell, I even listed 10 area bands you absolutely can't miss, which you can see by clicking here.
  • Check out the merch -- There will be a lot of bands and local businesses slanging sweet ass shirts and other stuff at Dirt Fest. Show them some love and get a shirt that all your other friends don't have. I bought a shirt at Dirt Fest a couple years ago and every time I wear it, at least three people ask me where I got it.
  • BIG NEWS! -- Tomorrow we'll announce who is playing at our 20th Birthday Bash in October. It's the biggest rock show that Flint has seen in 20 years and it's going to be awesome! We're also announcing the show on air and online at noon.
  • Have fun, don't be a dick -- The most important thing is that you have a good time, but remember to do so in a way that is respectful of others.

Doors open at 12p (11:30a for VIPs) and the weather is supposed to be perfect (Sunny, high of 81) so come join us at the Birch Run Expo Center for Dirt Fest 2014! Tickets are $45 at the gate, by the way.