For many bands (especially early in their career) when the singer leaves, it's time to pack it up an move on. Evans Blue refused to give up on their music when original vocalist Kevin Matisyn left to pursue other endeavors and are more successful than ever because of their commitment to the band.

Evans Blue is back and better than ever with new frontman Dan Chandler securely in place. The St. Louis singer was selected after an extensive nationwide search, and he makes his debut on band’s third album 'evans|blue'. According to guitarist Parker Lauzon, “The transition was virtually flawless; Chandler is an easy guy to get along with, and he keeps a very open mind when it comes to songwriting, which is refreshing.” Chandler adds, “I think you just click with some people, and in this case it really feels like there’s a mutual respect between everyone in the group. It feels like I have known these guys longer than I have.”

Like the band’s first two albums, 'evans|blue' was produced by Trevor Kustiak, but there is something noticeably different – aside from the new voice – as if an evolution has taken place within the sound. The new album stays true to Evans Blue’s core fans with signature dark and heavy riffs, but it is simultaneously uplifting. Chandler cites “confusing kindness for weakness, love and losing it, and finding comfort in difficult times” as some of the recurring themes on the album, but he is quick to note that “the beauty of music is that we all interpret songs or relate to them in our own personal way.”

Evans Blue will be taking the stage at this year's Dirt Fest, tickets are on sale today. Click here for a complete list of bands and ticket outlets.