Disturbed may be on their way to a hiatus that will last for an unspecified amount of time, but they've prepared a nice little severance package for fans in the form of a b-side album -- see the trailer and guitarist Dan Donegan's latest remarks about the band's future here.

Disturbed's new collection of "lost children" will be in stores next Tuesday (Nov. 8th) and will feature 16 tracks from the band's vault. While die-hard Disturbed fans probably have a majority of the included songs -- due to the fact they have been previously available in one form or another -- there will be one previously unavailable track included called 'Mine.'

For those wondering if this is end for Disturbed or not, guitarist Dan Donegan recently spoke with Revolver about that very issue. While it seemed evident that not even he has the answer, it's clear that he remains optimistic optimistic about their return:

"I like to think that...as long as we’re away from it, it’s only gonna make us miss it more , you know, because that’s all we know, that’s all we’ve loved and done. So I’d like to think that there’s gonna come a point where we’re all gonna be, like, I was waiting for somebody to pick up the phone and say, 'Hey, let’s get going."