Disturbed vocalist David Draiman took to his Twitter page yesterday to post a lengthy statement about the effects cyber-bullying can have on someone.

While Disturbed has been on hiatus, singer David Draiman has been fairly active on his Twitter feed. He will often times post lengthy commentaries on a subject or carry on conversations with others through a series of tweets. Yesterday (1/18) he sounded off about the hot button issue of cyber-bullying by posting the following statement:

One of the biggest problems with Internet culture is people's tendency to write whatever, without thinking it through properly beforehand. I encourage everyone on here to make informed statements based on forethought and fact. Don't let the fact that you are simply sitting behind a keyboard, with no one watching, and nothing to be accountable for, lull you into believing that your words/actions do not have consequences. Measure your words carefully before you spit them out. Think before you type.

By the way, anything is OK to type, that's what freedom of speech is; but to everything, there are consequences/repercussions. The point, to me, is the free flow of information and ideas. Like I said, there are consequences. Bullying, for example. Whether in person or online, it is immoral, and reprehensible, and the effects it has are crystal clear. People have been prosecuted for harrassment online, particularly in the cases of dire circumstances. There are always repercussions, from tweets to Facebook posts. Friends lost, relationships ended, criminals caught by bragging about the crimes they have done. Criminals have been prosecuted and imprisoned after bragging about their crimes on Facebook, for instance. Bullies have been called out and charged for such occurrences as well.

The thing about the written word is that it stays. People without conscience are just that. Unfortunately, this medium gives them a greater opportunity to do damage."