Hurricane Downseed continues it's tear through The Cockfight and has just one more artist to devastate before retirement -- Disturbed. Oddly enough, Disturbed may be retired as well (as a band, not in The Cocker).

  • 'Hell'


    This one comes from Disturbed's upcoming B-Side disc 'The Lost Children'. I thought it was really cool that the band put together a whole album of rarities for their fans as they go on indefinite hiatus, that was until I researched the tracklist. Every song on this thing has already been released except for one song. Sorry Disturbed hardcores, you probably already have all the songs on the album.

  • 'Empire of Lies'


    Well Downseed fans, this is it. Will the band finish out their run on The Cockfight as champions or be defeated by Dave "Ooh-Ooh-Ah-Ah-Ah-Ah" Draiman and Disturbed? It's your vote that decides that one, get to it.