Most men are self-conscious about there ability to last all night long, while others "say" they can last for days. But the ladies tell us the truth, well maybe they don't tell us they tell their friends how incompetent we are. But here's a fool proof plan, move to Alaska in the summer, nights in Alaska are only three minutes long. Sure you still have to last the full three minutes, but hell that shouldn't be too hard (forgive the pun.) Funny or Die brings us this awesome music video on doing "it" all night long.

This is probably my favorite part of the song: Play hard to get baby that's fine / Night time doesn't start 'til 11:59 / And you can't deny I'm fine / Cause ugly can't hide in the sunshine / We gotta start on time and then rush / Jump on my Iditarod and tell me to mush.

Classic! Check out the video: