This video has everything, if everything is white people trying dance, rap about using protection and how cool it is to be a virgin in 1993 and calling sex the "dilly dally." Honestly, this video is so bad I almost regret using condoms. Almost.

Vanilla Ice, Marky Mark (with or without the Funky Bunch), that Snow dude...I could maybe go on for a few more seconds about all the "great" white rappers that have rocked the mic. Ethan Norris' name is somehow overlooked when nobody ever talks about Caucasians in the rap game, but after watching him rap about the "dilly dally" you'll probably still never talk about him.

According to the YouTube description, this was someone's final project for a college course 'Acting for the Camera.' Unless it was actually called "Acting Like a Douche for the Camera," I hope all these dudes were kicked off campus.