He died because he was barking too much. You're a dog groomer! Dogs effing bark!

My heart breaks into a million pieces for Dennis and Maureen St. Clair after the death of their seven-year-old rescue dog Max. According to FOX 2 Detroit, the dog died a miserable death Thursday at Shaggy Dog Puppies and Supplies in Shelby Township, after being put in a utility closet with chemicals because he was barking too much. The chemicals somehow spilled, and when the owners returned to pick up their baby, he was foaming at the mouth and had chemical burns all over his poor little body. According to the families lawyer, this is not the first time a dog had died at Shaggy Dog.

I absolutely adore dogs, so this story has me bent. If you need me, I'll be over here sitting on the angry chair. Rest peacefully sweet baby Max. *Tear*