I know a lot of people are going to disagree when I say this, but Michigan really effed up when they fired Rich Rod, if they really did fire Rich Rod.  Check my reasons inside.It seems a lot of people are celebrating in Ann Arbor over the firing of head football coach, Rich Rodriguez.  milive.com is reporting Rodriguez may not be fired yet, and for the sake of the Wolverine Nation, let's hope they are right.

I'm not saying Richard Fraudriguez is a great coach.  It's a stretch to say he is a good coach.  But there are going to be a lot of open head coach jobs this year, in the NFL and in the NCAA, and almost all of them are better than what Michigan has to offer. What makes MI a desirable stop for a high caliber coach?  I'll admit UM has an unbelievable history, but that might work against bringing a coach in.  Expectations are high in Ann Arbor and many people felt Rich Rod was never given a chance to succeed.  What would make things different for his replacement?  With so many high caliber jobs available for the best coaches, I feel like most college teams looking are going to end up disappointed and in a similar situation in 4 years.  I'm not saying keep the guy around forever, but leaving your team coachless and planless seems like the worst move Michigan can make.   The douchebag you know is better than the douchebag you don't.