We had lots of laughs at this year's Rock on the Range, perhaps none louder than when this random dude decided to urinate in front of hundreds of people near the sno-cone truck.

Rock and Roll and hard boozing, more often than not, go hand in hand. There was plenty of good drunk people-watching to be done at 2012's Rock on the Range, but this was by far the most intoxicated event I witnessed over the course of the weekend.

After reaching the front of the line for the ATM (all of which had about a half hour wait), this drunkard stood up with his back to us and proceeded to undo his pants, presumably, to  pee on the black and yellow fire hydrant near where he (barely) stood. All of us in line share a collective moment of disbelief before he realized what he was doing and stumbled along instead of doing the deed.

He only made it about ten feet before saying "f--- it," and unleashing the fury right in front of the sno-cone truck, which was in plain sight of thousands of passer-bys. The sno-cone guy peeked his head out of the truck to tell the man that that was not the place to do his business. The pisser obliged the man by moving back two paces, placing him on the side of the truck instead of in front of it.

This went on for about two and a half minutes (no joke) until he eventually finished seconds before a team of security guards hauled the man off of the premises. Another fun Easter egg from the incident -- which I didn't dare get closer to -- is the guy passed out directly behind where the dude is at in the pic above. It's also kind of funny that there is a sign on the truck that reads "Watch out for Children," which he clearly wasn't. Some people could really take a lesson on how to hold their booze, or at least one on how to pee in public.

So if you didn't make it to Rock on the Range -- that's what you missed...along with a bunch of kick ass performances.