Duff McKagan held a Q&A session at Seattle University that turned ugly when a man angrily questioned the former Guns N' Roses bassist about an encounter with Kurt Cobain prior to his suicide.

Duff McKagan is most likely one of the last people who saw Kurt Cobain alive. The bass player (who also had struggles with addiction at the time) was on a plane with the Nirvana frontman just days before Cobain took his own life. McKagan has spoke of the chance meeting before in documentaries, interviews, and as he does here in his column for Seattle Weekly:

"I was on the same plane as Kurt on that flight up from Los Angeles a couple of days before his death. We were both f---ed-up. We talked, but not in depth. I was in my hell, and he in his, and this we both seemed to understand. When we arrived in Seattle and went to baggage claim, the thought crossed my mind to invite him over to my house then and there. I had a real sense that he was lonely and alone that night. I felt the same way. There was a mad rush of people there in public...I lost my train of thought for a minute, and Kurt said good-bye and left to his waiting town car...I received a call from my manager two days later that Kurt had died."

McKagan held a book signing appearance for his acclaimed new title "It's So Easy: and other lies" in Seattle last Friday (Oct. 21), that got out of hand when a journalist (according to the attached video) named Richard Lee became irate. The man angrily insinuates that McKagan is not telling the truth about his encounter with Cobain. When it became clear that Lee was not going to leave easily, Duff gets in his face and says, "Get the f--- out of here motherf---er!"

Check out the action in the videos below.