Before you start going crazy you should know that Duff McKagan will not be playing bass for Guns N' Roses, but his band Loaded will be opening for them on some upcoming dates of the U.S. tour.

It may not be a reunion, but it's a step in the right direction. While Slash and Axl Rose probably have a very long way to go before they'll be sharing a stage, former GN'R bassist Duff McKagan appears to be on good terms with the notoriously difficult singer. Duff made a surprise cameo at a Guns show in London last October, and now according to Spin they will again perform on the same stage...just not at the same time.

The latest reports of the joint venture are being fueled by a tweet from rock journalist Eddie Trunk -- who recently scored an hour long interview with Axl & Co. for an upcoming episode of his VH1 Classic program 'That Metal Show.' Trunk teased the interview that is set to air on the November 11th episode of 'TMS' by tweeting a brief synopsis of the discussion:

"We did ask Axl about R&R Hall, new music, this lineup, playing with Duff (said Loaded will open shows) and more...Tons of questions about Axl interview. He was in great spirits, wide awake at 6A (unlike us), & talked about everything. You will see 11/11"

Guns N' Roses is nominated for induction to the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame this year and many wonder whether the original lineup will put aside their differences to perform should they be selected. Perhaps Axl will answer those questions during his interview with Trunk.

The band has just begun their U.S. tour and there are reports that Axl has come down with bronchitis and is still having a bout with Montezuma's Revenge he contracted during GN'R's travels south of the border. There currently are no canceled dates and Rose is expected to be fine for their November 2nd gig in Atlanta.